cdm is the
lifechanging agency.

our values.

Come into our office, and the first things you’ll notice are our core values, which colour everything we do. They light up everything we create, they remind us who we are, and, most importantly, they point us toward stronger connections every day.


Because in a business where people’s health is at stake, you have to know what you’re talking about.


Because we believe that even though we live in the world of medicine, creativity enhances communication.


Because we think it’s our responsibility to have a strong, clear point of view.


Because being respectful, graceful, kind and authentic allows us to excel at what we care about most: our work and our relationships.

our culture.

We surround ourselves with big thinkers and bigger dreamers, and we don’t believe the sky’s the limit – we think it’s much further than that.

We help each other out, inspire each other to work smart, and make sure every voice is heard. We solve problems together, push through challenges together, and celebrate success together.

We fill post-its with ideas until we run out of post-its. Then we get more post-its. And we understand that saying “please” is more important than saying “hurry,” but that sometimes you need to say both.

we are cdm. lifechanging.